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Classes of Entries to be Judged

Agricultural Fair Continued

The Unity Observer reports the follow premiums awarded by order of the Unity Agricultural

Society Secretary 1864



For the best Stud Horse, kept within the town for six  months, over  3 yrs old             8.00

Best yoke of Oxen, not over 8 yrs old                                                                                   8.00

Best pair of Steers, 4 yrs old                                                                                                  4.00

Best Bull, 2 yrs and upward                                                                                                   8.00

Best Milch Cow                                                                                                                         6.00

Best Merino Ram                                                                                                                      5.00

Six best Merino Ewes                                                                                                               3.00

Best blooded Boar                                                                                                                    4.00

Best Sow with her litter of pigs                                                                                                4.00

No animal for which a premium has been awarded shall be considered for like premium in

 the future.


The best acre of Wheat                                                                                                             5.00

Best acre of Indian corn                                                                                                             5.00

Best acre of Oats by weight                                                                                                      5.00

Best half acre of Flax                                                                                                                  4.00

Best half acre of Turnips                                                                                                            3.00

Best half acre of Ruta Baga                                                                                                      3.00


For Ploughing 1-8 acre sward land in best manner, shortest time & least expense             4.00

Domestic Manufactures

For the best piece of Domestic Fulled Cloth, not less than 10 yds  and  not  less the 3-4

yds wide                                                                                                                                     4.00

Best piece of Cassimere, not less than 10 yds and not less than 3-4 yds wide        4.00

Best piece of Carpeting, not less than 20 yds                                                                    4.00

Blankets, Flannels, Linen Manufactures

The best pair of woven blankets                                                                                              3.00

Best piece of flannel, not less than15 yds                                                                              3.00

Best piece of Linen Shirting, not less than 10 yds                                                                3.00

Best piece of Linen Diaper, not less than 10 yds                                                                 3.00

Butter, Cheese and Wine

The best cheese, not less than 10 lbs                                                                                   2.00

Best butter, not less than 10 lbs                                                                                              2.00

Best gallon of Domestic wine                                                                                                  2.00

Hats  and Leather

The six best menís Woolen Hats                                                                                           2.00

Three best side of tanned sole leather                                                                                   2.00

Six best dressed Calf skins                                                                                                      2.00