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Unity Agricultural Entry Registration

Agricultural Fair Continued

Classes of Entries to be Judged

We respectfully urge your participation in our Fair.  The following premium list offers a number of opportunities for reenactors to exhibit their creativity and manufacture.  All items for Domestic Manufacture must be made or home grown by the Exhibitor.


Bonnets and Ladies Hats

Best Decorated Straw Bonnet

Best Decorated Ladies Hat, of any material other than above

Best Quilted Hood

Heirloom Vegetables

Brandywine Tomatoes

Hubbard Squash

Winter Cabbage

Pole Beans

West Indies Gherkins

Danvers Half Long Carrots


Jar of Cucumber Pickles

Raspberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Jar of Flavored Vinegar or Ketchup


Knitted mittens, Hat or Stockings

Knitted Shawl

Blanket or Throw

Crocheted Mittens, Stockings or Neck Scarf


Pieced Bed or Crib Quilt

Appliqued Crib or Bed Quilt

Best Example of Homemade Soap

Flower Arrangement

Vase bouquet of fresh-cut flowers

Nosegays, fresh or dried materials

Artistic Endeavors

Penmanship-Ink on lined paper-First 4 lines of the Gettysburg Address

Drawing-Pencil or Pen and Ink


Please select period correct heirloom varieties for home gardens.  Links to various seed companies are included here, and entry forms, which may be printed off and copied, are included on final page.

Seed Companies:   (Home has a great description of ‘heirloom.’


Some additional agricultural fair info:



Thank you to:

Old Sturbridge Village for ‘Strafford Agricultural Society’

papers and discussions with the interpreters on historic

agriculture and fairs


Genesse Country Village and Museum Programme and

Premium List

Durham Fair Exhibitor Guide