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What Remains . . . .


Join us, and step back in time as a civilian during the years of the American Civil War . . . . be a part of Living History . . . .

What is "What Remains"?

We are a Civil War reenactment group depicting non-military life in the 19th century. What Remains is a social organization with  members who enjoy learning about and sharing knowledge of the past. The group is affiliate with both the New England Brigade (Union) and the Liberty Greys (Confederate). We represent citizens of both Northern and Southern sympathies, living in the town Unity.

What is Unity?

Unity is our fictional town. It is our civilian camp where town activities take place. Military presence is always looming, with frequent interactions and altercations . . . . just as it would have been during the 1860s.

Where are the reenactments?

Most events take place in New England . . . . Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island primarily.

What do you do at events?


Pictures of past events