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Town of Unity


The Town of Unity was created as a civilian center for events. It frequently occupies a contentious area between both armies, where allegiances are fragile and are prone to change - often and quickly. In forming Unity, residents strive to represent a typical town near the conflict - Confederate sympathizers and Unionists live next door to each other, merchants conduct business, accepting all sorts of script as payment. As the Armies pass through the area, they exact their tolls on the residents in many ways, shapes and forms. Unity has been sacked and burned, raided and rebuilt many times over it's short history.


The makeup of Unity changes with every event. Consistently, Unity boasts a Post Office and many different merchants; we frequently have an Adams Express Office, a Seer, and a Tavern. It's residents are varied both in allegiance and vocation. A recent poll of residents included a newspaper man, a laundress, social reformers, displaced families, a sheriff, and a number of refugees fleeing the devastation of the passing armies.


Each tent you see represents a home, each resident has a different story. All of these stories are built on personal research and interests - all are varied. Most residents belong to a reenactment group, so their story may parallel that of their military unit. Some residents reenact strictly from a civilian standpoint, and their interpretation stems from that perspective. Stop and talk with the folks who live in the town, and you'll see the War from a different viewpoint. Unity is not comprised of people who do this professionally, we are not paid performers - we do this because of our interest in history, as well as our desire to learn from - and to preserve - our heritage.